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1. Subscribe to Bohemianeagles youtube channel and watch some of his tip videos.

2. If you end up in a game with Jets hit the deck stay low, most of the morons don't know where throttle control is or can't fly for that matter and will crater if they come after you.

3. Combat Flaps use them hit "F" in the air with gear up, hit it just as entering combat, you will thank me for this.

4. Bombers 6000 feet seems to be the spot most enemies cant see you "most", don't try this unless you are comfortable bombing, especially moving targets.

5. When bombing moving targets bomb from their rear in the direction they are moving you will increase your chance to hit, remember to lead them.

6. IMPORTANT... Increase your repair rank (not repair speed) to the level of the aircraft in that slot this removes penalties for skills on that tab. ie. Level 4 Hien in that slot ... repair rank must be equal to or greater than 4.

7. IMPORTANT... Increase repair speed this lowers the amount of time it takes to repair in battle and also lowers your free repair speed.

8. IMPORTANT... Turn off auto repair, this and 7 above are very important if you want to maximize your cash flow. (in the planes tooltip you will see a time to repair for free, in the beginning it is high but is lowered by increasing 7)

a. Your logging off for the night or whatever, let them repair while your offline
b. Go play other countries while they repair
c. don't use that plane needing expensive repairs for awhile and use your cheapies if you have a bad streak and are losing money.
you get the picture...

9. Make yourself a money making line up that stays mid teir and get good with those aircraft use them to level crews and finance higher tier planes.

This is mine no aircraft over 6 that keeps me mid tier without running into jets or other high tier planes.

10. If you buy gold airplanes pay attention to the bonuses not all gold aircraft are created equal.

11. Serious cash to be made in historical battles, especially if you have a gold plane with good bonuses, hang back and wait till rushers engage then jump in and try and get a couple of kills, nail some ground targets for giggles. cha ching.... big warning matchmaking is turned off presently in historical and you don't have the instructor helping you fly like in arcade battles, serious money to be made here if you get good at it.

12. Patience pays off let everyone else run off into the fray hang back and pick your victims, find the guy running off solo and light him up.

13. Run back and repair if your damaged stay in the fight as long as you can. (bulletproof achievement is sexy)

14. If you run out of planes sit and watch to end, the on hand achievement is 2000 xp.

15. Beware of troll reserve planes, maxed out crews with upgrades.
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Good post, I have a few comments

"pooptieshit" Gotta love a guy who can use that word with a straight face.

Bohemianeagles is a very good resource, however as he indicates in his Russian video he isn't familiar with Russian craft and thus his information is sketchy. Which brings me to my second point, his information is a good general place to start, however he has his areas of knowledge and in those he is excellent....the others well meh.

Which brings me to my third point.

You have both a player "level" and a country "rank", the former allows you to unlock any countries airframes equal to or less than that number (irrespective of your rank in that country) and the latter allows you to unlock airframes equal to or less in the particular country (it can be overridden by your level).

If you are going to buy only a small number of eagles buy either an additional hanger slot in your country of focus (which can pay off big time) or use them to convert your free experience.

Which brings me to my last comment.

Free experience.

Each round you play generates an amount of "free experience" (just look near the bottom of the statistics page at the end of a round). This experience can be applied to any country to level up that countries rank at the cost of eagles. The ratio is I think 1000 to 1 (1000 free xp to 1 eagle).

This is an excellent way to quickly level up a country rank at minimum cost.

Again good post botox and thanks for putting it up (I had been working on one of these myself and it's nice to see one up!).
Posted Feb 16, 13
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I have over 1.5 (m) free exp that will cost right at 900 gold and would put lets pick germany, that would put it a bit over midway through level 8, the problem with that is in order to buy the planes to that level i would have to fly the crap out of my money lineup or spend approx 1500 gold then Id want and extra slot 200 gold, and the big one crew skills, more gold... so that using free exp is a bit of a catch 22. Id rather put the money towards premium or the odd gold planes and mission packs and enjoy the leveling.
Posted Feb 16, 13 · OP
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to all I just read your posts and find them very helpful since I'm sorta a noob. I would appreciate some advice on what to do now that I'm a level 9 (almost 10) and played for free all along. I'm at a rank 7 in USA and from 4 on down to 2 in the other countries. I'm kinda stumped wonder what is best for investment. I want more bang for my buck... I plan on buying 10,000 gold eagles, but what's the smartest thing to do with them? I don't really understand the premium acct. Say I buy 15 days worth, what is that? can I use the planes I upgraded or bought in arcade and historic battles? what exactly does the premium acct do? I've read all kinds of stuff, but it just isn't clicking with all the little acronyms and stuff. I need just simple laymans terms. LOL Or, should I get the gold and just upgrade here and there and bring my planes up to the same level? I read alot about don't upgrade your crew, and someone say oh yeah, upgrade it! I need some solid down to earth advice, and so far your posts are the only ones I feel are respectable. thanks!!!
Posted Aug 30, 13
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Ace Advanced pack is the best deal.
Posted Oct 15, 13
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